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Creator, Soulcentric Woman

Valerie Fields is an inspiring life affirming coach and creator of Soulcentric Woman, an inspirational space that encourages women to love themselves, live their truth and leverage their personal power.  She created Soulcentric Woman as an offering for any woman who aspires to live well, love well and be well; giving birth to the best version of herself.

Soulcentric Woman is committed to investing in the well-being of women by providing inspiring, engaging original and curated content and imagery, that enlightens, influences, and emboldens a woman to be the woman she was created to be.

Valerie has been engaged with INpowering women for over 25 years, having guided countless women through some of the most challenging periods of their lives.  Valerie was also the creative architect behind 3 successful annual women's events where she frequently spoke to the fragile issues that evolve out of the female experience. Her events provided a safe platform for women to tell their stories and heal from what they felt compelled to hide.  The events also elevated the voices of women, exposed the gifts of women, and promoted the wholeness of women; igniting many to turn towards their own selves with a renewed interest. 

Valerie has facilitated numerous workshops and seminars for various women's ministries and retreats and, was keynote speaker for a nationally recognized woman's organization (NANBPWC). 


Valerie offers two (2) signature, private coaching services:  GuideHER, where she leads individualized sessions that gently guides women through difficult life situations; and InspireHER, which guides creative women who feel stuck and uninspired to convert their apathy into possibilities.