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This space is where I share wisdom about life, my love of all things inspirational, and my passion to inspire, Inpower and ignite women to be all they can be authentically.

If you're one of those women, welcome to the journey Queen!

Valerie J Fields


7 Simple Inspiring Actions That Will
Get You Back to You

I've been involved in women's INpowerment since 1998.

Run for Your Life
Run for Your Life

Go hard for whatever brings you closer to you.

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Savor the Moments
Savor the Moments

Take time to create and savor dedicated "me" moments.

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Think about all the ways you are blessed until it leads you into a posture of gratitude.

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The truest act of Self-Love is having the courage to be who you are, precisely as you are. Anything less is an act of

Valerie J Fields

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