31 Small Acts of Self-Care That Can Reap Real Benefits

  1. Stop yourself when you are tempted to compare yourself to other people.

  2. Take a 5-minute break in between your daily tasks to just breathe.

  3. Start your day with life affirming words like “I am blessed” or “I am loved”.

  4. Be mindful about what you say, what you think and how you act.

  5. Use the Calm or Headspace App to learn how to meditate.

  6. Spend some quality moments by yourself and enjoy your own company.

  7. Take a bath and treat yourself to some aromatic hydrotherapy (a luxurious bath).

  8. Check in with yourself and give yourself what you need.

  9. Turn on your favorite music when you get up in the morning and just dance.

  10. Prepare a meal just for you and savor every bite.

  11. Give yourself a hand massage.

  12. Write down everything you would never change about yourself.

  13. Look in the mirror and raise a glass to your own reflection.

  14. Do something you love to do and just lose track of time.

  15. Fast from social media for 1 full day.

  16. Write a note to yourself and show yourself some gratitude for how far you have come.

  17. Do something you have never done before and do it by yourself for yourself.

  18. Commit to taking some time for yourself every single day.

  19. Tell yourself something good.

  20. Go to the place that brings you the most joy.

  21. Choose one beautiful word that will guide you for the rest of this year.

  22. Make a list of all the things you are leaving behind this year.

  23. Let go of one thing that no longer serves your life.

  24. Sit still and let the moment take your breath away.

  25. Draw a big heart and write inside of it everything that fills your heart.

  26. Call your cell phone from another line and leave yourself a love message.

  27. Write a love letter to yourself and then mail it to yourself.

  28. Make a playlist of all the songs that make you feel happy when you hear them.

  29. Light up some candles and just bask in the glow.

  30. Create a self-care vision board of all the ways you’re committed to loving yourself.


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