5 Health Benefits of Taking a Bath

It is said that no other substance on Earth can match the healing properties and restorative powers of water. For many generations, water has been recognized as a natural medicine, one that can ease the body and calm the spirit. Hydrotherapy harnesses the life-giving power of water and uses it to provide relief and comfort to those who suffer from all manner of aches and pains.

5 Benefits Baths are Believed to Improve Health:

  1. Insomnia and Stress: The National Sleep Foundation recommends taking a warm bath a few hours before bedtime to enhance sleep quality. Unlike the use of prescription sleeping pills, hydrotherapy is an effective natural sleep aid that helps the body relax and unwind on its own, leading to a more restive sleep.

  2. Circulatory System: The heat and massage action of hydrotherapy help blood flow more easily, thus relieving tension headaches and soothing stress-prone areas like the neck, shoulders and lower back.

  3. Muscular and Skeletal Systems: Sore muscles, lower back pain, aching joints – all stand to benefit from the heated water massage of hydrotherapy. Such treatments are often recommended by doctors for those suffering from sports-related injuries or strains. The Arthritis Foundation also recommends hydrotherapy as a means to help those with stiff joints regain mobility and ease discomfort.

  4. Respiratory System: The moist heat associated with hydrotherapy is often beneficial to those suffering from respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, congestion and asthma.

  5. Digestive and Immune Systems: Improved circulation results in a more effective digestive progress. Wastes and other toxins are more easily eliminated, and lymph is moved more efficiently through the body, strengthening the immune system.


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