5 Things to Stop Wasting Time On

Sometimes we give way too much time to things that we would be better off letting go of.

Every minute we live is on borrowed time. That certain amount of time we are given to do what we are here to do. I thought a lot about time over these past 15 or so months, specifically, reconciling with the fact that there is more time behind me than there is ahead of me. I thought about how I was spending my time; was I investing it wisely or, was I squandering precious moments I could have been spending doing what really matters. I thought about how we wake each morning with no way of knowing if it would be our last. If today is that day when we have to pay the difference between time well spent and time just wasted wondering where it went. I realized in those moments that time is that one gift we don't always open with real appreciation. Time is too often taken for granted. We don't have as much of it as we think. As painful as this Pandemic has been, it should have taught us all the valuable lesson of making every moment count. To wake up every day with the singular intention to use our time to make a difference and do more of what really matters to us.

As I evaluated my own life, I made a list of things I was no longer going to lend my time to. Here are 5 of them:

  1. The Right Time - There is no "right" time, only an appointed time. When you are nudged from the inside to do something, that is the time to do it. The right time will never appear on the clock, so when will you know when the right time is? There are some things that take time to prepare for but there are others you can be doing right NOW. Now is always the time for those things.

  2. Holding Grudges - Holding grudges is a waste of time. Your life is too valuable to spend it resenting someone for a past mistake. It's even worst when the person who hurt you is not even aware that they did so. While you are spending your time hurting, they are spending theirs happy. Find a way to let it go if you can otherwise it will eat away at you and rob you of time you could be living instead of hurting.

  3. Judging Others - Everyone is on their own path. We don't know what people are going through or what they have been through. Questioning their actions is not our work to do. It is theirs. Our work is to question our own. So when it comes to others, we should spend less time judging and more time loving.

  4. The Past - We have been evicted from the past. Full stop. There is nothing there but the memory of what happened to us or who we happened to. We can get stuck in the complication of it all, but the truth is if there is nothing we can do to change what occurred, we must find the courage to move on. It is not easy, but it is worth it. Your life depends on it. The chips will ultimately fall where they may, but living in the present as a better version of yourself can lesson the weight that you carry from either your own actions or the actions of others. Honor yourself by acknowledging what you are feeling, seek forgiveness if you need to, accept forgiveness if it comes; but at the end of the day, life moves on and so must you.

  5. Neglecting Yourself - I'm convinced that busy is the enemy of living a good life. What are we so busy doing that we don't have time to invest in our own lives? We have to wait until tragedy strikes or some other traumatic event occurs before we give any thought to our own selves. Neglecting ourselves is a waste of good time. We all deserve to experience good in our lives. But we have to stop doing, and start being. That's the good we are missing out on. Just being.


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