A Great Daily Inspiration App to Nourish Your Soul

Affirm: To tell with confidence. To believe with conviction. Need some help learning how to have an intimate dialog with yourself? That's what it means to affirm. To speak to yourself so lovingly that you scare the shit out of every negative word you ever spoke over yourself; that, oh by the way is still there if you didn't uproot it. That's right them words are seeds. So if you want to change the inner narrative, there's a young sister that has created an app for that. It's called "iSHALLBE". You can download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

It was designed by Shelby Tinsley, Founder & CEO of iShallBe, the platform encourages people to affirm purposeful thoughts and ideas into existence. As a young leader in the tech industry, Shelby has a lifetime of experience, creating opportunities through connecting words and people. As a newborn, she was named after an affirm1ation that she “Shall Be” all things without reservation. Wow! Go Shelby!

As a daily affirmation app, iShallBe provides quotes, inspirational videos, and motivational messages. iShallBe was created with the strong desire to encourage others to get through all trials and tribulations, and remind you that there will be victory in the end of all troubles.


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