Appetizers for the Soul: Some of the Best Quotes I've Ever Digested

"I go hard after things that simply captivate my soul." ~ Valerie J Fields

I'm not one for small talk - that's like fast food - where there is usually no intuitional or nutritional value. I prefer exquisite spiritual dining experiences, where truth is the entrée and transparency is served as a tantalizing appetizer that excites my senses causing a shift in my soul. That's what really good quotes do for me. They are like the doors to the portal of intimacy where the writer unknowingly breaks 'in to me + sees".

Here is a collection of some of my favs:

By Valerie J Fields

Quotes by Sanjo Jendayi

Quotes by nayyirah waheed

Quotes by R. H. Sin

Quotes by Atticus

Quotes by K.Y. Robinson


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