Does Self-Care Really Matter? The Number 1 Reason Why it Does

Lifestyle gurus and coaches love to throw around the phase "Self-Care" - It's become the buzzword of the century (in my opinion). Somehow when we hear it we always feel somewhat challenged or even intimidated because we know at some level we are not necessarily caring for ourselves in all the ways we should be. But the question is, does it really matter? YES, IT ABSOLUTELY DOES and here is the number 1 reason why:

You need you for everything you do. When it comes to your life, it all starts with you. Think for one minute about something you can care less about. You give no attention to it, no energy, in fact you don't even acknowledge it. Now put yourself in the place of that "thing". When you don't care about yourself, you CAN'T care about anything else. Now I know you would probably debate me on that, and that's ok, but answer me this: where is the care you extend to others coming from? Umm, I'll wait. Now I'm not trying to shame you, I'm trying to make a point. The point is If you knew someone didn't give a damn about you, could "care less" whether your interests were served or whether your needs were met, would you accept anything from them? Be honest. Could you? I don't think I would be able to do that.

That is how you are treating yourself when you don't take the time to care for yourself. Now I know that's a little extreme, but in reality when self-care doesn't matter and the needs of others are more important than your own, you are giving to others from a malnourished place.

When you are malnourished physically, you have a slower immune response which increases the risk of infections and the length of time it takes to recover. You lose strength because you have less muscle and tissue mass, increasing the risk of your body's ability to maintain a normal temperature. It affects cardio-respiratory function, gastrointestinal function and, it has psychosocial effects.

Now consider the impact of you never feeding your soul. Never giving your SELF the spiritual nutrition it needs. How do you give to others out of that?

Feeding others while neglecting yourself may be noble, but it is also non-sensical. You are on empty. You are feeding people fumes. Not only are you making yourself sick, you are also making them sick because you are trying to please from a place of pollution. YOU DESERVE BETTER and so do they.

Not only does your self-care matter. YOU MATTER. Check in with yourself Sis. Use the Self-Care Check-In & Needs Review below to find out where you need to focus more on taking care of you.


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