How I'm Goaling Myself to Be Some Level of Minimalist in 2022

The Pandemic revealed a lot of things to me, showed me where I was, what really mattered and had me questioning whether I needed all the things I possess. I. DO. NOT.

So, I did a panoramic scan of my condo and all the things I've collected, clothes hanging in the closet that still have tags on them, shoes never worn, etc., a shelf full of DVDs, stuff I came to realize I could absolutely live without. Now, I'm no where near being a hoarder, I just came to realize that I have more than I actually need. The plan is to gather the things that fall in that category and just give them away (on second thought some may need to be sold)! IJS. The point is, I can no longer justify keeping things I'm not using.

That's what ultimately led me on my search to find out more about Minimalism. Basically I just wanted to find out what it actually meant to be a Minimalist. What I discovered, is that in its simplest definition, it just means living with less. How much less you decide to live with varies depending on how much stuff you have and what you're willing to part with. I probably won't be a full fledged Minimalist, but rather some version there of. The one thing I know for sure, is I have a lot of shit and I need to part with some of it for the simple reason that it's just sitting there taking up space, I am not wearing it, or I just simply have no further need for it. It's just part of my goal to feel lighter in all the ways that matter to me.

How Minimalism is Defined

According to Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist: “Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.”

What I gleaned from that definition is, what is the point of holding on to things that no longer hold value? It suggest that Minimalism is about being more intentional about your life and giving your focus to the things that really matter; shedding the things that don't. That could mean different things for different people. There really are no rules it seems, to the Minimalism game.

It's about discovering what works best for you and doing that. No one will need to pry my hands off of one item or the next, I now know what I value and what has loss some value. What I also know, is that parting with some things won't be a problem for me. How about you?

“Maybe the life you’ve always wanted to live is buried underneath everything you own.” Anonymous


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