10 Things That Reveal You Are Not Where You Use to Be

Sometimes we focus so much on what more we need to do and how much further we feel we need to grow, we don't take time to celebrate how far we've come.

Our intangible growth happens when we are not looking. We plant the seeds for our personal expansion, we nurture the seeds through determined and deliberate actions; next thing you know change begins to push its way through the soil of our lives. Sometimes we don't even notice until someone else does. It's one the ways we forget ourselves. The little successes we achieve but don't celebrate. The steps we literally labor to take, one difficult step after the other, to deliver ourselves to a better space. Yet, we don't give ourselves the credit we deserve. We end up so much further along than we realize, yet we don't acknowledge it. How come we are so good at recognizing growth in others but not our own?

Here's a few little pieces of evidence that you have come a long way baby!

  1. You are more mindful of who you allow to occupy your personal space. You value those who value you.

  2. That "thing" you feared most ended up happening. He left you. You thought you couldn't get through another night without him. But then one day you woke up, your joy showed up, and you realized you were stronger than you thought.

  3. You no longer tuck away the pieces of yourself that you used to reject. You realize all of you is lovable so you find yourself adoring yourself in a way you never use to.

  4. You don't blame others anymore for your issues, you take responsibility for your own actions and acknowledge your own participation in what happened to you.

  5. You no longer agree with things that don't resonate with you, you are ok with living your truth without the need for the approval of others.

  6. You're allowing yourself to sit with your feelings, instead of suffering in denial and internalizing everything.

  7. You no longer feel the need to pretend to be someone that you are not. You are discovering it's pretty dope just to be who you are as you are.

  8. You don't obsess over what other people think of you anymore. You finally figured out you have zero control over what other people do. So you spend your time giving thought to what you think about you.

  9. You stopped beating yourself up for things you did in your past. You realized if you knew better, you would have done better. So you made a commitment to yourself to be better.

  10. You no longer need to be validated by others, you know now that you have always been enough. That no one was coming to save you, or fix you, or change how you felt about yourself. You now know that was always 100 percent your responsibility. You know you may not be where you desire to be yet, but you know you are no longer where you used to be. It's a new day and you're feeeeling good!


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