I Don't Know What My Passion is: 5 Tips to Discovering What It Is

I can't tell you how many times I have heard the statement "I don't know what my passion is". It's ok not to know. What's not ok is not trying to find out. We are all here for a reason, I'm sure you've heard that more times than you can count. The truth is we are all vessels carrying divinely imported goods that need to be exported to people who need it. I believe one of the reasons people are in need is because the gifts that could meet those needs are trapped inside of people.

It took me years to find out what I was passionate about, but thank God I finally did.

You may already know what sets your soul on fire but are afraid to offer it up because you question your own ability and credibility to actually have something on the inside of you that could benefit someone else. I know that feeling. I have felt that way. It is just one more way that I like to say WE RIP OURSELVES OFF! What does that say about us when we can't trust our own instincts? So let me say this to you, and I am only going to say it once, YOU ARE HERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND YOU ARE LOADED WITH THE GOODS TO DO IT. It doesn't matter that you don't know that, it doesn't make it any less true.

I remember when it first hit me that I was gifted to inspire others and lead them back to themselves. Everything in my life pointed to it. There was always a steady stream of women who acknowledged me as a trusted presence they could count on to be a source of inspiration to them as they navigated the challenges of their life. But I didn't see it that way. I was just trying to be a good friend who didn't judge their actions, I just listened to them and affirmed who I knew they were despite what they were going through. The more encounters I had, the more it felt like something was kicking me from the inside. I tried to ignore it and even abort it, but it would not go away. That baby just kept kicking, reminding me "it" was alive and at some point I would have to deliver "it". I eventually did and the rest is history. I will admit though, I took somewhat of a sabbatical from what I came to know was "my gift". Subconsciously I think I was still trying to run from it and I stayed on the run for a few years, until Covid struck. Over that time period of being isolated and quarantined, I felt that familiar kick again. It was like the gift was telling me, you can run but you cannot hide. That's why I actually created this space I call Soulcentric Woman. Because I realized I needed something to embody the gift and my passion to offer it to others. It is actually a remix of a venture I started years ago call Spirit of Woman Unlimited.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is you have a purpose and a passion, but there are some things you are going to need to do to discover what it is.

Here are 5 I would suggest:

One: Stop thinking that somehow God left you out. If you are here on this earth that should tell you, you are here to deliver something to this world. What has been a common theme in your life, something you keep thinking about doing? Your gift is tied to that. Don't worry about the fact that other people are doing the same thing, THEY CANNOT DO IT THE WAY YOU HAVE BEEN GIFTED TO DO IT. God branded you a certain way. No one is packaged quite like you are. That is your secret sauce. BELIEVE THAT!

Two: Turn down the volume of your life. You could be stifling the voice of your gift. It is always speaking to you. Find a quiet space, turn off all the distractions so you can hear the whisper from your soul. Understand that when you get really focused on what you are here to do, there will be all types of situations that will arise to distract you from narrowing in on it. Don't let that happen.

Three: Fast from social media. There are a lot people doing a lot of things on social media, some of which might pique your interest enough to start doing the same thing. But the truth about social media is that, it is a comparison trap. You start comparing your life with someone else' and coveting after what they are doing. Just because you want to do something does not mean you are gifted to do it and it won't have the same impact. And, if in fact you do discover that you are similarly gifted as someone else - remember Tip No. One.

Four: Write down everything you love doing. What captivates you? What lights you up? Chances are you are getting close to finding out what you are passionate about. When you are doing "that thing" you feel alive and at home with yourself.

Five: Don't keep throwing things up against the wall to find out what sticks. You waste time experimenting. There is no harm in trying something new, but when it comes to what you are gifted to do, you are already doing that. You just haven't figured that out yet. Don't worry. You will.


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