In Case You Didn't Know, Your Sexual Health is Part of Your Self-Care

When we think about our self-care we typically don't think about our sexual well-being as being part of a self-caring lifestyle. Yet, it is just as important as all the other areas of your life that need attention and care. In fact, doctors and psychologists say 43% of women have issues and questions about sexual dysfunction; suffering in silence out of some warped sense of shame. There are a range of sexually related issues that women experience but won't admit to or talk about, even with their doctor. But there really is no need to suffer when there are resources available that address problems such as the lack of sexual desire, inability to become aroused or lack of orgasm. Trust me every woman is not on GO all the time, despite what she may say.

Some of these problems can be traced to either a physical or psychological issue and there should be no shame in seeking out help if you need it.

Meet Rosy

Meet Rosy is a Sexual Wellness Solutions App that you can download on your phone. According to the app, it is the first-of-its-kind platform offering women a holistic approach to sexual health and wellness.

It provides evidence-based interventions proven to improve sexual function as well as providing technology to connect you with experts in real time. You can find out more about Meet Rosy at

Note: Soulcentric Woman is providing this as an informational resource and, is in no way affiliated with the App.


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