Having the Courage to Face What Lies Behind the Doors of your Life

We can't avoid our "stuff", when we do, healing can't happen.

Straw hats

All of us have a set of inner doors that lead to rooms on the inside of us where we store pieces of our selves. Concealed parts of us that we are either afraid to confront or we fear to embrace. No matter what we do in this life, how successful we become, how much we are celebrated or enjoy the good we have accumulated, we will still feel like something is missing. We cannot hide from ourselves. Our self longs to be healed and expressed, not in part, but in whole.

Every part of us deserves to be acknowledged

Those pieces of ourselves we deem to be broken, the parts we choose to neglect or reject deserve to be acknowledged, accepted and loved. They are part of who we are and if we don't deal with the issues we have with ourselves, it is for certain they will deal with us.

I remember the first time I heard the biblical story about the man that laid daily at the pool of Bethesda. He had been suffering for 38 years. He laid there amongst a great number of other impotent folk who were just waiting for an angel to trouble the water, in other words he was waiting for healing. The scriptures said when Jesus saw him, he had compassion for him and then asked the man what I believe to be the most profound question any of us can be asked "will thou be made whole"? Instead of just responding yes or no, the man began to make excuses complaining why he was in the state that he was. Many of us have suffered endlessly living with mental or emotional pain. It doesn't matter if it has been 38 years or 38 minutes, Jesus is still asking us the same question he asked the man at the pool of Bethesda, will thou be made whole? Indicating that we have the power to choose and make a choice to be whole. Are you willing to confront the issues of your life that lie behind your internal doors? They don't just go away, you must face them.

Have the courage to confront your contradictions

I learned this on my own personal journey to confront my own contradictions and duplicities, the feelings of not being enough, the fear of being exposed as one who is flawed, not always having the strength I project; living the lie that pretense afforded me. But, no matter how much I tried to hide, something always showed up as a torturous reminder. You can only manage your emotional material for so long before it eventually breaks you. Not like a break-up or a break down but a well orchestrated breaking open, where you find yourself face to face with yourself. There is no way around this door and the only way out is to go in.

I don't know what lies behind your "doors" but what I can tell you is there can be no healing if you don't confront what you are hiding. Healing is a choice. Will thou be made whole?


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