No Matter Where You've Been or What You Have Done to Yourself, You Are Still of Value

It always frustrates me when people feel justified or qualified to assess the value of others based on their past mistakes or current actions. No one is without fault or flaw. If you are among the countless people walking around feeling unworthy and without value, to some extent that's on you. It may be how you see yourself and how you are responding to your life situations. Nevertheless, you should not have to be constantly judged for who you were rather than who you have become.

Your Value is Not Determined by What You Have Done, It is Determined by Who You Are

No matter what you have done or how much dirt you have rolled around in, it does not diminish your value. God has deemed you worthy. That's what determines your value. I know sometimes that may be hard to embrace especially when you hold your indiscretions up to the light. We make the unfortunate mistake of thinking God is like people and that people should be more like God. Well, God is definitely not like people and regretfully there are some people who are not like God. If we expect them to be, we can expect to be disappointed. It is ok to look for the best in everyone, but try not to be disappointed when the best version of them doesn't show up.

You are not what you do.

At the end of the day, you are not what you do or what you have done. Those are just your responses to how life is showing up for you. Know that God's grace is sufficient. No matter what, you are covered by a love that cannot fail and that should be enough for you to value yourself. How other people experience you is not your business. What matters is how you see yourself. That is clearly on you. It will never matter what you are called (unless you let it); what matters is what you answer to.

Stop beating yourself up. You didn't know any better. Had you did, more than likely you would have done better. The truth is, if God flashed a video capture of the things we have all done in the dark, every singe one of us would be hiding under the table. And, if everyone threw all of their indiscretions in a pile, you might want to go back and get what you threw in after looking at what other folk have done. We are all flawed to some degree. Doesn't matter the height, depth or width of our flaw, nobody has dibs on perfection. That is an illusion.

Never let any one determine your value or worth. You may not be all you want to be, but you have everything you need inside of you to be all you want to become.

Remember, you teach people how to treat you. Consider what you tolerate.


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