Nobody is Coming to Save You Sis!

I could end this post right there with a full stop having already said a mouth full. But then, I would rob the woman who somehow believes in the misguided idea that it is somehow someone else' responsibility to shoulder her need to love herself. To that woman, I have to be a little "in your face" with the enlightenment that nobody is coming to save you, or fix you or change the way you are feeling about yourself. I'm not trying to ruin your day, or burst your bubble, or make you feel any worst than you do. But the truth is, loving you, fixing you, and saving you is 100% on you.

To have to bear the full responsibility of doing for you what you must do for yourself, is a burden to heavy to place in the arms of another human being. None of us are equipped to be all of that to each other. The truth is, the love you crave is your own. What you are expecting someone to give you, is what you have not yet given to yourself. Besides, even if someone did love you the way you wanted to be loved, that would not absolve you from the responsibility to love yourself. It would not fix what you believe to be broken. You must give attention to those parts of yourself, not because others don't love them, but because you don't.


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