10 Simple Ways to Cultivate a More Centered Life

Living a soulcentric life is about being connected to every area of your life.

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Your body is your physical presence, your spirit and soul are the manifestation of your internal presence. Your soul is the essence of your life. It is the seat of your of mind, will and emotions. It is like the headquarters where your choices are fueled, where your decisions are made and where your feelings are birthed when they are conceived by your life experiences. Your soul is the center of who you are. And just as you feed your physical body to perpetuate its health and sustenance, you must also feed your soul in order to flourish in life. Food for your soul are experiences that help you strengthen your connection to yourself.

Cultivating the relationship you have with yourself

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you can have. The health of your relationships with others is determined by the relationship you are in with you. While there are many reasons why some relationships do not last, one of the main reasons can be attributed to the individual internal struggles of each party in the relationship - the unresolved issues and unfinished business each person has. Those issues, if left undealt with ultimately collide causing the relationship to fracture.

When you live a soulcentric life, you are living from a place of healing or healing in progress, where your emotional matter is acknowledged and you are doing what needs to be done to present the best version of yourself. The problems come when you are in relationship with someone who is not involved in that process, and may have no desire to do their own work. This is where caring for your own soul comes in. You have to decide whether to stay in relationship with some one who will ultimately hurt you, (because that's what hurt people do) or, be faithful to your journey to live a life where you are honoring and valuing yourself.

10 Ways to Feed Your Soul

  1. Retreat. Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 is one of my favorite scriptures in the bible, it teaches us about time, understanding its purpose, and how we should spend it. In the 5th verse, it reminds us that there is a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing. A time to withdraw our presence, take a step back to reflect and breathe. Retreating gives us a fresh plate of perspective where we gain clarity about the things that may be draining our energy, not really serving us or is distracting us from ourselves. Taking time to step back to really breathe is not only a way to nourish our soul, it also helps us release toxins and powers our immune system.

  2. Release. Remember, there is a season and a time for everything. That would include a time to let go. A time to release the things in your life that no longer serve you, whether its physically, emotionally or spiritually. If it no longer provides value to your life, Let. It. Go. and make room for the things that really matter to you. One of the caveats here is that letting go can be difficult, particularly if you measure it by how much time and energy you invested. But when there is no return on the investment, you only perpetuate your suffering. Remember nothing worth having will come easy. Take inventory of those things. Be honest with yourself in terms of evaluating where in your life you need to leave, then consider what it might be costing you to stay.

  3. Restore. Restoring is reestablishing order and priority in your life. It means to regain what you have lost, to recover and rescue yourself from an undesirable state. You can offer no good to the lives of others while miscarrying your own. You must take time to refuel before you run out of "gas".

  4. Realign. Realigning is another way to nourish or feed your soul. It means to create balance. When your life is out of balance you become vulnerable and subject to poor choices and bad decisions. The scriptures tell us in Proverbs 11: 1-3, that a false balance is not a good thing. When you are doing too much of something and not enough of what you need, there is an uneven distribution of weight that could inevitably cause problems in your life. Think about continuing to drive your car without proper wheel alignment or putting excessive wear and tear on your tires. A car that is out of alignment can pull or drift away from a straight road, resulting in a possibly fatal situation. Worn out tires can lead to a blow-out and poor traction, which also has potentially disastrous consequences. Your life can be likened to that car.

  5. Redirect. Pay attention to what you are giving your attention to. If you are making reckless choices and decisions, you are investing chaos in your future self. You might be asking what does this have to do with nourishing my soul. It has everything to do with it. Choices and decisions have consequences that can affect your life physically, emotionally, mentally and financially; bringing a whirlwind of stress in your life. So taking time to refocus on doing what is necessary and in your best interest, can feed your life in a multitude of ways.

  6. Remind. Reminding yourself of what you have forgotten about yourself is central to nourishing your soul. Consider the integrity of your thoughts and the impact they have on your actions. To nourish yourself, you have to THINK about yourself first, and foremost. What do you believe about yourself? Are you making decisions based on ideas of who you think you are or who you actually are? Your thoughts ultimately control your actions, therefore feeding yourself a healthy diet of self-care and self-love is music to the ears of your soul. There are many ways to reMIND yourself. One of the more common ways is to affirm yourself. Create a simple daily ritual of telling yourself something good. Affirmation is caviar for the soul.

  7. Remember. Sometimes we leave pieces of ourselves on the floor of bad experiences or, we reject pieces of ourselves that we think are broken. The process of reMEMBERING ourselves is sending love to the parts of us that we have dismissed as unlovable, therefore rejectable. Every single part of you deserves and is worthy of love. Loving yourself is superfood for the soul.

  8. Reserve. To reserve, in context of nourishing your soul, is to SAVE SOME FOR YOURSELF! We give way too much of ourselves away and sometimes others quench their thirst at the fountain of our lives because they know something we don't - the real worth of our "water". So save some for you. Always reserve time, energy and care for you.

  9. Restrict. Restrict access to your life. Restricting relates to boundaries. When you give people too much access to your life, your internal resources can be drained, your peace can be interrupted, and you can become emotionally obese from allowing everyone to dump their stuff on you. If you are already feeling "malnourished" you don't have much to give to anyone else. So set some boundaries, honor them, and hold other folk's feet to the fire when they try to cross the line and empty out your well. And finally,

  10. Rejoice. Fill yourself up with everything that brings you joy. IN-joy yourself on a regular basis. No fragrance is more sweeter to the soul than joy.


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