What Are You on a Mission to Do?

There are countless dope women who are out there on a mission, making boss moves, leading major movements, and creating a real difference in the world.

But missions are not just for "countless" women, a mission is for any woman who has the courage to lead the way in whatever area she believes she is gifted to.

One of my favorite shows, back in the 90s was Mission Impossible. I always got a kick out of Briggs or Phelps receiving their instructions from a voice recording which then self destructs. As I reflect on that idea, I can't help but to think that at some point in our life experience, we too received instructions from a "voice" that destructed as quickly as it was constructed. But so many of us have allowed the "voice of the world" to distract us from our mission and what we have been specifically co-Missioned to do.

I wonder what you might be on a mission to be and do. A mission in its simplest definition is to be engaged in a meaningful work that is meeting the need for what is missing in the world.

So whether that means creating, expressing, inspiring, motivating, leading, writing, preaching, supporting, communicating, building, investing or whatever; that is your mission, and if you choose to accept it, you too could be a catalyst for change and transformation in the world. At least the piece of the world that God assigned to you.

What are you are a mission to do? Who are you on a mission to be?

Those are the questions we should be asking ourselves everyday. The answer to which could be the difference between the life you have and the one you are destined for. Chew on that.


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